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Parliament is a supreme institution of the people and as the symbol of their freedom and sovereignty; they must know it and know it well. Hence schools Parliaments provide a bird's eye view of how our government performs. Student leaders understand their rights and duties not only to themselves but to society as a whole.
At Bhavans we have four houses- Satyam, Sneham, Dharmam and Neethi. Teachers take on the role of House Mistresses. All the students are members of any one house. Each house elects its own Captain and Vice Captain. Students desiring to be Captains and Vice Captains are requested to submit their nominations by a particular date. A withdrawal date and verification date are also announced. Each candidate is then given an opportunity to address his /her House. On the Election Day, students of that particular House use ballots to register their votes. House Captains witness the counting of votes and the winners are announced.
The results of this year's polls had the following students elected as Captains and Vice Captains of the different houses. School Head Boy Aswin P K and Head Girl Devi Vrinda A 

Houses Captain Vice Captain
Dharmam Heila Fathima  Fathima Ameer
Sneham Tanya Elizabeth Mathew Shalu Maria Sham
Neethi Abhinaya P Bhadra B Kurup
Sathyam Akash Ajikumar Sadique Sha

These leaders are further assisted by Prefects in discharging their duties.
Updated on: 16 Feb 2015