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1. Admission for all classes in Bhavan's Vidya Mandir and Bhavan's Bala Mandir will commence by the first week of December 2013 *.

2. Parents have to obtain the registration form from the school office and submit the same along with a copy of Birth Certificate of their wards.

Admission to LKG.

3. The date of admission will be informed to the parents by the school office and they have to come to the office with the child for an interview

4. The selected child will be admitted after the payment of school fees.

Admission to higher classes.

3. After submitting the registration form the students have to appear for a written test, the date of which will be informed to the parents.

4. Those who pass the written test will be called for an interview.

5. The eligible candidates will be admitted after the payment of school fees. * Admission will be subject to the availability of seats in each class


1. Parents have clear role to play in the education and the personality development of their children. Parents are requested to contact the teachers regularly to assess the academic progress of the child.

2. They should visit the school on all Open House Days but on no account are they allowed to go to class rooms and meet the teachers during working days. Parents may meet the Principal and Teachers on prior appointment.

3. It is up to the parents to bring to the attention of the Principal and Teachers about their children's habits and traits of character or any other matters that need special care and attention.

4. The diary has been introduced for you and the school staff to communicate effectively. It is essential that you go through the diary every day.

5. Communications should be counter signed by you. If you want to communicate with the class teacher, please use the pages at the end.

6. Circulars from the school are to be acknowledged. It is mandatory to maintain the diary properly and carry it to the school every day.

7. Parents or students who persistently break the rules and misbehave to teachers & staff will be issued TC to a school of their choice.

8. A student can be asked to leave the school on disciplinary grounds, or non-payment of fees. No fees paid will be refunded in such case.

9. Withdrawal of a student 15 days after commencement of the term will not entitle the parent to the refund of any term fees or part there of.


1. School buses are available for conveying students to and from various important points with in the town and outside. However, this facility cannot be claimed by any student as a matter of right and the facility has to be renewed annually.

2. Parents are requested to take full responsibility for the collection of their children from the bus stop on the return trip.

3. In order to ensure the safety of our children in the school bus we need your co-operation and support. Please instruct the children to be seated in the bus at all times and stand only when the bus comes to a halt.

4. They need to wait for the bus to come to a halt before boarding and deboarding.
Updated on: 20 Feb 2015