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ANNUAL REPORT (2016—2017)

Greetings and a warm Welcome to each and everyone present in this August gathering!
¡°Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident¡±. ---Dr. A. P. J. Kalam
It is an enduring tradition to take time to pause, turn around to look at the fruitful year gone by, achieving both the expected and unexpected, while setting various milestones and then synergizing ourselves to move ahead to face the challenges in the coming year, with a positive attitude. We thank the Almighty God, for all the blessings bestowed upon us year after year. 

With great pleasure, may I present before you, the annual report of Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Pathanamthitta, for the year-2016-2017.While the focus was on holistic development of every student, real education took the centre stage as in every year.  
Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir is a part of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai and is managed by a committee, headed by Shri. T. K. A. Nair, (Former Principal Advisor to the Prime-minister) as the Hon. Chairman. Bharath MohanLal is the Vice-Chairman. Sri. P. I. Sherief Mohammed is the Hon. Secretary and Sri. P. I. Sheik Pareeth IAS is the Hon. Treasurer. Prof. Narayana Swamy and Mr. P. Mohammed Hamza are the Joint Secretaries. Smt. Salina Hamza is the Manager.  The other members of the administration are:-
Academic Advisor: Sri. Viswanathan Nair
Administrator: Sri P. R Rajan
Academic Supervisor: Sri M. S Alex

Smt. Annie Mathen, the Principal was chosen as a Resource Person, of C. B. S. E. in the current year.  She took part in the PRP workshop by C.B. S. E., in Kochi, and was appointed as the resource person of C. B. S. E. by the Academic Advisor, C. B. S. E. She conducted different workshops for principals and teachers in different parts of the state. She attended, Seventh All India Bhavan¡¯s Principals¡¯ Conference in Kalkota, where Shri. P.I. Sherief Mohammed, our Hon. Secretary was also one of the speakers. She also took part in All Kerala C. B. S. E. Principal¡¯s conference, at Kochi and in the different All-Kerala Bhavan¡¯s principals¡¯ meets arranged by Bhavan¡¯s Kochi Kendra.  
Staff Council
A staff council is working in the school. A dedicated team of 44 teachers serve in the school. Ms. Jameela. A is the staff secretary. I am indeed proud to mention here, that our Yoga teacher, Ms. Bini Varghese participated and won medals in District, State, National and International Masters¡¯ Athlete Meets, in this current year. She won a silver medal and two bronze medals in the International Masters¡¯ Athlete Meet, held in Malaysia, on 24th and 25th November, 2016.   
Parent Teacher Association [P. T. A.]
A good P. T. A. exists in the school. Mr.Teny Chacko is the President. General Body meetings, executive committee meetings and class wise PTA meetings were held, so as to foster a good relationship between the students, teachers and parents. We were able to give due consideration to suggestions and concerns of the parents in the formation of their child. 

Student Leaders
Student leaders and the student body as a whole are of equal importance. Student leaders consisting of a Head Boy, Head Girl, Prefects, Captains and vice-captains of the four Houses were appointed and given badges of office. The head boy is Master Jithin John and the head girl is Kumari Athila Anzari.
First Batch- AISSE Results-2016  
It was a glorious day in ¡®Bhavan¡¯s when the results of AISSE-2016 was declared in May, 2016. The results were indeed sparkling. We presented our first batch of twenty five students.  Seven students obtained A1 in all subjects and all the other students passed in distinctions. We bow our heads in gratitude, before the Lord Almighty.

New Initiatives
Senior Secondary Classes
By the grace of God, we have started Senior Secondary classes in Science stream, in the new block. Well-equipped laboratories and smart classes are used for the teaching –learning process.
A library with all facilities is functioning in our school. There are 5,600 books of academic, cultural and scientific significance, in addition to Bhavan¡¯s Publications in education, religion and Indian Culture.  Class libraries, are also functioning. Every day, after lunch, ten minutes are spent for silent reading. This has enabled an easy rapid access, to a wide range of books. 

Foundation Classes for All India Medical/Engineering Entrance Examination
A team of experts, formally the members of Brilliant Coaching Centre, Palai, are giving coaching, so as to prepare the students well, for the All India Medical/Engineering Entrance Examination. 
Here are a few glimpses of our activities and achievements in 2016-2017:
The Academic session ended on a happy note witnessing excellent performance of students in All Secondary School Examination
School Reopening
Classes for the academic year began in May with vacation classes for senior classes. The school reopened for all classes after mid- summer vacation on the first of June, 2016. The newcomers both the students and staff were received with flowers. 

Examinations and Tests
Examinations and tests are regularly held in the school so as to enhance the learning process. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done in the school in order to facilitate holistic learning in the school, to identify the talents of the learner and to empower him/her with positive inputs .As per the C. B. S. E. guidance, we have four formative assessments and two summative assessments.
External competitive examinations are also there, being optional for the students.  
Co- curricular activities
In accordance with the latest exam reforms of the CBSE under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, care has been taken to provide opportunities for our students to develop new skills in co- scholastic areas. Various clubs have been constituted. The school has a vibrant band set and also provides training in Classical and Modern Music and Dances, Yoga etc. We have also published various manuscripts. 

Different clubs function in the school in an effective way. The students ¡¯creative abilities were enhanced and were given ample opportunity to interact and to contribute for the welfare of the society. Planting of new saplings, medicinal gardens, chlorination of wells in the neighbourhood, canal cleaning, visits to old age homes, hospitals, distribution of food and money to the poor and needy etc. are some of the benevolent acts.  The different clubs and their respective conveners are as follows:  
Name of the club           Club Convener 
Eco club                   Mrs. Jessy Anup
Integrity club             Mrs. Sheela C
Sports club                Mrs. Bini  Varughese
Science club               Mrs. Girija R
Literary club              Ms. Shaikh Sabeena
Maths club                 Mrs. Leena Upaguptan 
Seed project               Mrs. Asha P R
Mathrubhumi V K C Nanma    Mrs. Sheela C

Counselling Classes
Counselling classes were given to students on different occasions by eminent personalities. Parents were also given a counseling class. 
Pidiyari and benevolent funds
In order to develop the sense to be sensitive to the needs of our fellow beings, we have our Pidiyari programme, where a child could donate a handful of rice or more for the needy. We also have benevolent funds meant for those in need.
¡®Love your neighbor as yourself. ¡®
Under the auspices of Mathrubhumi-VKC –nanma, and the Integrity Club of our school, our students donated a sum of Rs. 10,000, each to cancer patients in the neighbourhood, in the presence of our Ward member, Ms. Seema Saji. As a part of Christmas programme, we donated a packet of 5kg. Rice, bar-soaps, cakes and coconut oil to the residents of Madhumala Colony, Elanthoor. The PTA, too, co-operated in this programme.  

Haritha Kerala
As per the instructions of our District Collector, Ms. R. Girija,¡¯Haritha kerala¡¯programme was launched in our school on 9thDecember, 2016. The students, teachers and the PTA members, took the decision to execute the programmes, with the support of the management
Sports and Games     
As a part of the mental and physical development of our students, attuned to the directives from the CBSE, opportunities are provided for Sports and Games. The Annual School Sports was held on9th December, 2016.
                            Events and activities of the year
Cultural Fest
The final School level cultural Fest was conducted on19th and20th September, 2017. Children had the opportunity to bloom out their hidden talents. They also took part in the zonal and state level C.B. S. E. Cultural Fest and had won many prizes.                           

Comprehensive Evaluation of Schools of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
One of the main aims of the schools run by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is to impart high quality education. Keeping this in view, an educational officer from Kochi Kendra, Ms. Meena Viswanathan and a team of teachers visited our school for comprehensive evaluation on 15th November, 2016. We are thankful for their evaluation and sound advices. 

Both national and religious festivals were celebrated in the school with pomp and gay.

Picnics and Excursions
Our school organizes excursions and field trips every year to help students gain first hand knowledge and augment their academic learning. 
As a part of informal education, students were taken out for picnics and excursion in the following place, this year:-
Classes I and II were taken to GreenValley, Adoor on 14/10/2016.
Classes III and IV visited Happy Land on 03/09/2016.
Class V visited Magic Planet on 29/11/2016.
Classes VI and VII visited WonderLa on 02/12/2016.
 Class VIII visited Athirappally on 27/10/2016.
Classes IX and XI went to Ooty & Mysore on 23/10/2016.
Class X visited Kurge and Mysore on 16/10/2016.    
National Integration Camp
 Every year, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan organizes National Integration Camps for the students. For the first time, six students and one teacher from our school took part in the camp, held  in Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir,Wathoda, Nagpur. It was a unique experience and the children, thoroughly enjoyed it.  

India International Science Festival (IISF) 2016 
The Science Village program is a part of the 2nd India International Science Festival jointly organised by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences and Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA). The concept of Science Village is unique in the sense that it is for the first time in India that students and teachers from across India, on such a large numbers, would meet at the 2nd India International Science Festival 2016 at the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. All the participants have been nominated by the Hon¡¯ble Member of Parliament from their respective adopted villages under the Pradhan Manthri Sansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana. 
From our school, six students and one teacher took part in the IISF 2016 held in New Delhi from 7th – 11th Dec, 2016.

Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Pathanamthitta, conducts morning assemblies regularly. The special days observed in the assemblies are as follows.  

Special days observed in the assembly
1.June 1st, 2016- School reopening day
2.June 5th, 2016- World Environment Day celebrated on June 6th under the leadership of Eco club 
3.June 6th, 2016- Beginning of Ramadan Month, started Quir – an reading and also quiz conducted about Quir – an in the assembly
4.June 19th, 2016- Reading Day celebrated on June 20th. GK questions, speeches about importance of reading and book review were done.
5.June 21st, 2016-  1) International Yoga Day 
                         - Yoga displays conducted by Yoga teacher Mrs. Bini Varghese

                    2) World Music Day
                         - Conducted by Integrity Club under the leadership of Mrs.    Sheela C and various programmes like Quiz related to Music, songs, speeches etc were conducted.
6.June 29th, 2016- School Election – Meet the Candidate
7.July 6th, 2016- Id-Ul-Fitr celebrations were conducted by Integrity Club with different programmes like mappilappattu, oppana, group song and special speeches related to ID delivered by Mrs. Jameela A.
8.July 16th, 2016- Beginning of Ramayana Month – Started reciting Ramayanam everyday during the lunch break time.
9.July 19th, 2016- Gurupoornima Day celebrated by reciting Guru Sthothram, GK questions
10.July 30th, 2016- International Friendship Day
11.Aug 6th, 2016- Hiroshima day
12.Aug 9th, 2016- Nagasaki Day
13.Aug 15th, 2016- Independence day
14.Aug 17th, 2016- Chingam 1is celebrated by conducting various programmes like Thiruvathira, Nadanpattu, Poem reading (Malayalam), Vallapattu, group music etc and all the activities were co-ordinated by Literary Club.
15.Aug 23rd, 2016- Instructions related to School Cultural Fest
16.Sept 5th, 2016- Teachers Day celebrated by delivering speech about Dr. Radhakrishnan and the importance of teachers among the students by Devakrishna B (class X), students honoured their teachers with flowers and games for teachers also conducted by the students.
17.Sept 9th, 2016- Onam Celebrated by conducting programmes like Thiruvathira, Pulikkali, Onappattu, musical chair, lemon and spoon etc. Integrity Club members donated Rs. 10,000/- to a cancer patient named Sai Lekshmi. Her father collected the amount and sung a Nadanppattu for our students.
18.Oct 2nd, 2016- Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations – Special quiz conducted house – wise, painting competitions, patriotic songs conducted. Prizes were also distributed to the winners.
19.Oct 15th, 2016-  World Student¡¯s Day/ Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam¡¯s Birthday celebrated
20.Oct 24th, 2016- United Nations Day 
21.Nov 1st, 2016- Keralapiravi celebrated under the leadership of Malayalam Department and Integrity Club. Programmes like Thiruvathira, Patriotic song, Malayalam Kavitha etc were conducted.
22.Nov 4th, 2016- Special assembly to congratulate winners of Sahodaya competitions.
1)Sona Suresh – Mohiniyattom 2nd and Kuchipuddi 3rd
2)Gautham Krishna – Digital Painting 1st
3)Mukul Mehta and Akshay B Panicker – Power point 2nd
4)Sreenandana M S – Monoact  
5)Devakrishna B – Mappilappattu and Sanskrit recitation 3rd
6)Athira Sreekumar – Poster Designing 1st and Cartoon 2nd 

23.Nov 14th, 2016- Children¡¯s Day Celebrated by programmes like group song by 4th std children, students dressed like Chachaji and delivered speeches. Students and teachers were also congratulated in this special assembly.
1)Sona Suresh – 1st prize for Mohiniyattom in All Kerala Bhavan¡¯s Fest
2)Meena C G – Art teacher participated in the International Soorya Festival 
3)Kalamandalam Athira Muraleedharan – Dance teacher conducted a Mega Thiruvathira in the District Stadium with 600 participants.
4)Library department conducted various competitions and they distributed prizes to the winners.
5)Congratulated all the participants of Bhavan¡¯s Cultural Fest. 

24.Dec 8th, 2016 – Haritha Keralam Programme Inauguration 

25.Dec 23rd, 2016 – Christmas Celebration
Teachers¡®Refresher Programmes¡¯
Education is transitory by nature with lots of change. Every moment those engaged in this field should be able to accept and reinforce those changes in the process. Our teaching staff was empowered by various refresher programs. They are as follows. 

1.Workshop for the Principals
Date: 24th May, 2016
Venue: Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara
Resource Person: Dr. Santhil Kumaran, Principal Counsellor & Head Education Excellence, CII Bengaluru
Attended by: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal)
2.CBSE Training for Teachers in Sec Mathematics
Date: 10th & 11th June, 2016
Venue: St.John¡¯s School, Anchal, Kollam
Venue Director: Mr. K M Mathew, Sr Principal
Attended by: Mrs. Jasmin P M, Mrs. Chithra K Balakrishnan and Mrs. Leena Upaguptan
3.PRP Training on Classroom Management
Date: 27th & 28th June, 2016
Venue: Bhavan¡¯s Varuna Vidyalaya, Thrikakkara, Kochi
Attended by: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal)
4.CBSE Training for Teachers in Classroom Management
Date: 22nd & 23rd July, 2016
Venue: Christ Central School, Thiruvalla
Venue Director: Dr. Mathew Thengumpally
Resource Person: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal) 
5.CBSE Sub Specific Training for Sr. Sec English Teachers
Date: 23rd & 24th Sept, 2016
Venue: Arya Central School, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram
Venue Director: Mrs. Maitreyi Rajesh, Principal
Attended by: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal)
6.DD & T Workshop for Principals of Bhavan¡¯s schools of South Zone B
Date: 29th Sept, 2016
Venue: Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Girinagar, Kadavanthra, Cochin
Attended by: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal)
7.One day Workshop on ¡®Safe, Smart and Sustainable Schools¡¯
Date: 29th Nov, 2016
Venue: Kerala Management Association, Management House, Panampally Nagar, Cochin
Atended by: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal)
8.One day Workshop on ¡°Teaching Science through Experiments¡±
Date: 03rd Dec, 2016
Venue: Mar Thoma Residential School, Thiruvalla RSPO, Pathanamthitta Dist.
Attended by: Mrs. Geetha Viju and Mr. Annas P George
9.VII All India Conference for Principals of Bhavan¡¯s Secondary & Sr. Secondary Schools
Date: 8th – 11th Dec, 2016
Venue: Bhavan¡¯s Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir, Kolkata
Attended by: Ms. Annie Mathen (Principal)
10.One day Training for Teachers in Hindi
Date: 17th Dec, 2016
Venue: Christ School, Thiruvalla
Resource Person: Mr. Sayeed Matheen, Hyderabad
Attended by: Mrs. Jyothy G and Mrs. Sheena Moncy

                                  ACHIEVEMENTS- (OUTSTANDING)   
Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Pathanamthitta, gives equal importance to both curricular and co-curricular activities. This is proved by the awards, Trophies and scholarships obtained by the school and the students, both in academics and in co-curricular. 
All Kerala Bhavan¡¯s Scholarship Examination 2015-2016
Our students took part in All Kerala Bhavan¡¯s Scholarship Examination 2016-2017. Awaiting the results. 

School Topper Award
P. C. M. National Level Scholarship Examination 2015-2016
195 students of our school obtained the scholarships. So, the school, received the Topper School Award-2015-2016, in September, 2016.
Again, we have presented our students for P. C. M. Scholarship Examination-2016-2017. Awaiting the results. 

District Inter School Team Chess Championship-2016
Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir,Pathanamthitta,was once again able to grab the championship trophies ,in the District Inter School Chess competitions, held in Adoor.


1.Balarama & YMCA All Kerala Children¡¯s Painting Competition, 2016.
-Muhammed Suhail (VI B) got 2nd prize at the Unit level in the age group 2 years.

2.VII National Integration Camp held at Nagpur from May 21st – May 26th, 2016 of Bhavan¡¯s Sec. & Sr. Secondary Schools.
-Mukul Mehta, Akshay B Panciker, George Thomas Maruthathu, Sreehari S, Aravind Dhanesh of class X and Sree Vidhya S of class IX participated in the Camp and certificates has been distributed to the participants in the assembly.

3.All Kerala Bhavan¡¯s Scholarship Examination, 2015 – 2016
-Sreenandini M and Nihaal S N secured second rank and Arshal Aromal secured third rank.

4.Govt. of Kerala, Forests and Wildlife Department.
-Nihaal S N (IV C) secured 3rd place in the Water Colour Painting competition held for LPS at the District level in connection with the Wildlife Week Celebrations – 2016.

5.Sankamithra Fine Arts Society
-Nihaal S N (IV C) secured 3rd prize in the LP category Painting competition conducted by Sankamithra Fine Arts Society Pathanamthitta District Committee as part of the Chitrolsav 2016 celebration on 29th Oct, 2016.

6.Seed Programme – Mathrubhumi
-School received a consolation prize for the seed programme activities conducted during the academic year 2015 – 2016.

7.Central Travancore Sahodaya Kalotsav – 2016 – 2017
-94 students from our school participated in the Kalotsav and our school got 337 points.
-The following students won prizes.
-Cat I:
•Honey Hareesh – Folk Dance 3rd
-Cat II:
•Gautham Krishna – Digital Painting 1st
•Sreenandana M S – Monoact 3rd 

-Cat III:
•Sona Suresh – Mohiniyattom 2nd, Kuchippudi 3rd 
•Devakrishna B – Sanskrit Recitation 3rd, Mappilappattu 3rd 
•Mukul Mehta & Akshay B Panicker – Powerpoint presentation 2nd 
-Cat IV:
•Athira Sreekumar – Poster Designing 1st , Cartoon 2nd 

8.District Roller Skating Competition
-Midhul Vinayak M P, Sanju Manoj of class X and Alan Vinayak M P of class VI got 1st in the under 16 category.
-Amogh Padin and S Abhishek Sansar of class VIII got 3rd in the under 14 category.
-B Aryan of class VI got 1st in the under 12 category.

9.21st All Kerala Bhavan¡¯s Cultural Fest 2016 – 2017
-Sona Suresh (IX) got 1st prize in Mohiniyattom Cat III held at Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara.

10.7th All Kerala Inter Bhavan¡¯s Games 2016 – 2017
-Aswin (IV), Aadithyan A S (V), Fiza Nishad (V) and Bhagya J (IV) got bronze medal in Chess at the 7th All Kerala Inter Bhavan¡¯s Games held at Kozhikode.

11.State level Roller Skating Championship
-Aadithyan A (VI B) got 2 gold medals and Sidharth Krishna Ajikumar (VI B) got 1 bronze medal in the State level Roller Skating Championship.

12.Mathrubhumi VKC Nanma Kuttiparliament based on Waste Management held on November 9th, 2016. 
-Krishna Keerthana, Ithal Cicil Joseph, Devanandana J of class VI, Binsu Haneef of class VIII and Mukul Mehta of class X received participation certificate.

13.Quiz Competition held in connection with Medex Exhibition at Mount Bethany Higher Secondary School, Mylapra
-Midhul Vinayak of class X and Devi Vrinda A of class XI got 2nd prize and received a cash prize of Rs. 1500/-

14.Inter school chess competition, Pathanamthitta District conducted by Chess Association & Sports Council, Pathanamthitta
1.Medal (Individual)
oDevanandana J (VI), Samyukta Rajesh (VI) and Amogh Padin (VIII)
2.Medal (Group)
oAdithyan A S (V), Christy Jacob (V) and Aditya Reghu (V)
3.Trophy (Group)
oAadil Presoon (I), Jeevan Maheswar (I) and Aswin B (IV)
4.Trophy (Group)
oHemanth (VI), Sidharth (VI) and Arshawin (VI)

15.Painting Competition – Mathrubhumi VKC Nanma 2016
-Nihaal S N (IV C) got 3rd prize and a cash award of Rs. 1000/- in LP Category.
-Taniya Mary Joji (III), Sourav S (VI) and Swetha gayathri (VIII) got consolation prize in the LP, UP and HS category respectively. 

Teamwork is the hallmark of Bhavan¡¯s Vidya Mandir, Pathanamthitta. A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend harmoniously to create a child-centric school. On this occasion, I wish to express my profound gratitude to our Chairman, Shri. T. K. A. Nair for his valuable support and goodwill extended to the school. My heart-felt thanks to Hon. Secretary, Shri. P. I. Sherief Mohammed and Shri. Sheik Pareeth IAS, the Hon. Treasurer. We are deeply indebted to all the committee members of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, for their keen interest and support in the growth of this institution. I do acknowledge the unflinching support and generous co-operation of the academic advisor, Shri. Vishvanathan Nair, the Joint Secretaries, Shri. Mohammed Hamza and Prof. Narayana Swamy, the Manager, Smt. Salina Hamza, Administrator, Shri. P. R Rajan and the Academic supervisor, Shri. M.S Alex. My sincere thanks to the PTA President, Mr. Teny Chacko, PTA executive committee members Vice-principal, Smt. Suvarna Sasi, Headmistress, Smt. Sujatha Varghese Teachers –in –charge of different sections, Smt. Lizzy. P,     Smt. Asha P. R, Ms. Leena Upagupthan, Staff Secretary, Ms. Jameela. A , Convenors of various clubs, teaching and non-teaching staff, who always stood by me for the smooth running and functioning of the school. The second batch of students will be presented for AISSE 2017. I take this opportunity to wish them all the best.  Once again I thank you all and request your continual support and co-operation for leading the institution to greater heights.

 I wish to conclude with a prayer to the Lord .Almighty, thanking Him, for His blessings and guidance, to make our tomorrow, rewarding and more fulfilling ¡¯ 
Thank You. Jai Hind.

Annie Mathen                                                                                                                                       Pathanamthitta
Principal                                                                                                                                           13-01-2017 




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