Co- Curricular Activities

Yoga is taught as a part of school curriculum. The department is headed by Mrs. Bini Varghese. Students have yoga period every week. They also learn the theory along with the practicals.
BHAVANS always aims at the overall development of a child. As a part of the co-curricular activities we have a band team of students under the training of the band master. They perform during various events in school.
Classes in Violin, keyboard and guitar are given to all the interested students from 3.30 onwards after every day’s class hours.

BHAVANS has provided certain refreshing programmes like skating, karate, kungfu etc. for the students to relieve them out of their stress and strain. Well qualified hands of outside visit the school to train the students for the same.
This club was formed with the idea of moulding the students to have interest in colours, craft and cooking. We have classes for cooking, embroidery, fabric painting, glass painting, oil painting, pencil drawing, pottery painting etc. we provide our students with expert teachers as they could make them better than the best.

The school conduct the annual school exhibition which includes the science fair,maths exhibition, stamp-coin collection, exhibition of all the departments of the school, house wise exhibition and much more. The exhibition shows the true class of the students.

FM Radio
We have started up an activity by the children of class 8 who have teamed up to start a FM Radio for the school. They conduct innovative sessions for the radio during lunch break.
Updated on: 01 Dec 2018