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As we all know Bhavan’s gives equal importance to curricular and co-curricular activities. As a result we have made community service as a part of our activities inorder to inculcate right kind of values in our students.

“When we give, we share what we have with others,

 It makes life worth living and gives others a smile;

It matters not the size or quantity of the gift imparted.

It’s the love perceived that makes it worthwhile.”

This year we decided to do our community service in association with Mathrubhumi and VKC Nanma under the theme “Love thy neighbor as thyself” a famous quote from the Holy Bible.

Here is a brief report of our Social projects.

1.       We began our noble deed by donating Rs. 10,000 to Sri. Rajan of Elanthoor Raj Bhavan who was a cancer patient undergoing treatment in Trivandrum RCC. They were struggling due to financial crisis for his treatment. The amount was donated from the Benevolent Fund, which is an activity of the integrity club, where the students donate a small amount on their birthday’s towards poor fund. The amount was handed over to Smt. Sathi Rajan wife of Mr. Rajan on 16th Aug, 2016 by our Hon. Secretary Shri. P.I. Sherief Muhammed in the presence of Principal Annie Mathen, Vice Principal Suvarna Sasi, Ward Member Seema Saji, Manager Shri P.M Hamza, Administrator Shri. P. R. Rajan and Shri. M. S. Alex during a special assembly where our students witnessed the event.


2.       When the students of all the other schools celebrated Onam – the state festival of Kerala with a grand feast and colourful programmes Onam celebration in Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir was a unique one. Along with the usual programme, we were much satisfied when we were able to donate Rs. 10,000 to Baby Sai Priya a 3 year old baby who was suffering from Blood Cancer and was under treatment at RCC, Trivandrum. The amount was handed over to Sri. Satheesh father of Sai Priya by our Hon. Secretary in the presence of all our students. Sri. Satheesh expressed his heartfelt gratitude and blessed our students on the occasion.


3.       As we all know, now a days the number of old age homes are increasing because Grown ups have no time to take care of their parents who brought them up to that level. We wanted our students to realise the feelings of a parent when they are isolated from their family and made to stay in an old age home. We believe that this is a great practical lesson for their life, the memories of which linger in their minds forever.

We took our students to “Mar Gregorius Shanthi Sadan” on 28th Aug, 2016 and donated a sum of Rs. 3000 to cater to their need of one meal. More than the amount, the inmates were deeply touched when our students spent some time with them presented a small cultural programme and heard their life experience. The inmates were very happy and were almost in tears when they left the orphanage.

4.       Bhavan has always been unique in our celebrations. As a part of Christmas celebrations on 21st Dec 2016 our students visited Madhumala Colony and distributed a kit comprising of 5kg rice and all the other necessary provisions to 30 families who are living below the poverty line. This noble act caught the attraction of print and the electronic media. This was another great lesson for our students which they cannot learn from books. This programme was initiated by Smt. Sheela, Nanma Co-ordinator, of the school, Sri. P. R. Rajan, Administrator and PTA President Shri. Teny Chacko in the presence of ward member Smt. Seema Saji and Sri. Pristo P Thomas. The distribution of kit was inaugurated by the School Manager Sri. P. M. Hamza and Principal Ms. Annie Mathen welcomed the gathering. We believe that such noble acts would trigger the thoughts of our students to continue to do such activities even when they grow up.

5.      Another community activity we did was to take our students to a group of visually challenged people staying in Kennady Charitable Trust on 22nd Dec 2016. Nearly 40 blind people who were really suffering in need of help were visited by our students when they decided to celebrate their Christmas and New Year with them by distributing all the necessary items including Christmas cake and provisions. This kind act was inaugurated by Pathanamthitta Municipal Chair Person Smt. Rajani Pradeep.


6.       Mr. Gopalan a resident of Midhul Bhavan at Aimali Pathanamthitta was given Rs. 5000 for undergoing a surgery on his leg. The family had a lot of financial crisis and the amount was handed over to Smt. Omana Gopalan wife of Sri. Gopalan by our Principal.

7.       We also took part in Swach Bharat Mission and cleaned our surroundings to eradicate mosquitoes. Students were divided into various groups and the teachers gave them necessary instructions.

8.       We also donated Rs. 1000 to Shanthi Theeram an orphanage at Pathanapuram.

Unique way of celebrating the state festival

Onam the State festival of Kerala was celebrated in a unique way at Bhavan’s Pathanamthitta. Instead of having great feast along with the other festivities our students donated that amount to be given to Mrs. Omana,  M/o Mr. Gireesh, Kadamanitta who is a cancer patient. Onam is the time for caring and sharing. Students and teachers also visited Kennedy Charitable home for the blind and distributed new clothes, eatables and provisions to give the real meaning for the celebration for which our festival Onam stands.

As a part of Mathrubhumi Nanma Club activity the amount was handed over by a student Aarushi S of IV Std in the presence of Hon. Secretary Shri. Sherief Mohammed, Principal Dr. Annie Mathen, Vice Principal Mrs. Suvarna Sasi, PTA President Mr. Vijayakumaran Nair M S and all other members of Integrity Club.

Love your neighbor as yourself project 



Pathanamthitta Kendra played an important role by being empathetic during the flood relief work at many remote places where the people were really in distress. In the worst natural calamity of the decade, many people lost their lives, houses, belongings etc.


With the financial contribution from the Central Bhavan, and the Physical and moral support from the Management, staff and the members of PTA, of Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, we were able to do a praise worthy relief work at many places in Pathanamthitta and Alleppy districts. The Vidhi Neerav Shah Trust, Mumbai and Kolkatta Kendra of Bhavan also supported us with money and materials.


All the Bhavanites with the four young members of Indian Helping Trust took active part in preparing more that 2100 kits containing all the essential commodities including provisions, clothing, drinking water and medicines and were distributed to the most needy. Our work received a lot of appreciation from the local Government bodies and had a wide media coverage( both electronic and print media). A unique feature of Bhavan relief work was our penetration to remote flood affected villages where governmental machinery had not reached. People, public and government departments in the Districts came to know that Bhavan is not only just merely an institution running schools and colleges, but also a vibrant organisation in charitable and nation building work. Since it is not possible for the people who were benefitted with our relief work to appreciate each person, who had done a laborious work, our Hon. Secretary was honoured for his vibrant leadership in leading the Bhavan team in a most appropriate way proving that Bhavan’s work is God’s work. The Thannirmukam Panchayat, worst affected place due to flood, entrusted our Hon. Secretary a memento to be handed over to central Bhavan as a token of their gratitude for the big help rendered by Central Bhavan.